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Collecting Garbagebefore it hits the Ocean!

Cleaning Back BayIslands & Waterways

County by Countywe clean NJ!

Aerial Searching

We search for garbage in woods & back bays using our Licensed Drones.


Our current focus is on cleaning up South New Jersey before the trash hits the Ocean.

We plan a strategy!

After garbage is located we are on the spot within days, not weeks, of the discovery.

We want to Thank You for stopping by our website. Since you're here you probably care about the trash that you see all over the state of New Jersey. Just by simply driving down the street you will see trash along the highways, private roads, in the woods, and areas that trash should not be. Our goal is to clean that trash up and bring awareness to those who produce this trash. We are NOT a charity! We are simply a very close group of young people who really care about our environment. Some of us Fish, and Hike and we would like to see a cleaner New Jersey.

Most people who put clean ups together have a problem where nobody shows up to clean. They normally ask through Facebook or other social networks for help and they do not get that help. Our Team is ALWAYS available and we are good at what we do. There is always a need for tools to help us complete these tasks, please look at our list of needs below.

We are currentlyin these areas

If you can help us with any of these donations or simply want to Donate Funds please contact us!.